Download Free EvoMagz Premium Blog Templates

Templates are one important component in a blog. Simple appearance, not using too many widgets and having page speed is a key factor Google will like your website. Not only that, the readers who visit your website will feel the same thing as what Google expects from our website.

Often the bloggers do not know about this one thing. For them, may have a display that looks very luxurious and has a variety of widgets that can make readers feel at home to our Blog.

But it is an act that can eliminate traces of your website on Google searches. How not, a display that makes a reader uncomfortable and various kinds of heavy widgets on our Blog can make readers run away. If you've ever visited the Mas Sugeng or Mastimon.com websites which are the best bloggers in Indonesia to the best of admin's knowledge, then you will feel nothing is too special.
That's because they have principles, a good template is a template that looks simple but still pleasing to the eye. Why is that? that's because readers usually don't care about our templates, they will feel comfortable when they see an appearance that is comfortable to read.

Since the admin has talked about Mas Sugeng, who is a Blog master who is good at making templates, now the admin will share a template by Mas Sugeng, EvoMagz. Admin never used this template, even though the admin only got it for free on the internet. However, this one template cannot be underestimated, EvoMagz by Mas Sugeng once succeeded in his time and even today there are still many Bloggers who use this template.

download gratis template Evomagz terbaru

Following are brief specifications of the EvoMagz template by Mas Sugeng:
  • 100% Responsive
  • Custom mobile template
  • SEO optimized
  • Ad and Adsense optimized
  • Fast loading
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Auto Readmore
  • Share Button
  • And many more
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If you are interested in buying this Evomagz premium template made by Mas Sugeng, then you can directly visit the Sugeng.id website. But for those of you who don't have enough money to buy the template, then you shouldn't be discouraged because you can get this EvoMagz template for free by going to the link that I will share below this paragraph.

Maybe that's all from the admin's discussion about this EvoMagz template. Maybe this can help and beautify the appearance of your website or blog. If there are things that are unclear or you want to ask, then you can write them down in the comments section below, thank you and also read other articles.